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Willing to Die

September 30, 2011

An Iranian Pastor is willing to face death instead of renouncing his Christian faith.  The Iranian courts have deemed this man to be an apostate of Islam with a sentence of death as the punishment.  Freedom of religion is a foreign concept to some.

Read the story.

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2 Responses to Willing to Die

  1. Tanto on September 30, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    It appears that one religion is willing to die for their God while the other is willing to kill for theirs. Important distinction.

  2. Doralice on March 7, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    At first I was struggling wtehher to post my comment at the end of your review of that book. Don’t wanna hurt your feeling so I sent it through the contact form. Anyway, I’m very glad that you are not offended, now I can talk more frankly here. There’s nothing wrong for parents to instill their religion to their children. However, if at one point the children decide that their parents’ religion is no longer suitable for them, it’s not right for parents to force their religion on them.What you said is right religion is something we have fun with you can’t just convert in and out as you wish or when you get bored. Actually I was not talking about that kind of attitude. I was talking about something more serious what if at one point in life you realize that your current religion is not the right one anymore? If it’s OK to convert from other religions into Islam, why not vice versa? I was once an atheist. But then after studying the Bible and other major religions around the world, I decided that Christianity is the best for me so I became a Christian, that was 10 years ago! Religion is a very personal thing. I’m not against Islam, I don’t even discriminate against Chinese who convert into Islam. What I don’t agree is the use of law to force religion onto a group of people. In Malaysia, the law says that Malays must be Muslims. If they apostatize they’ll face punishment and ostracism. What’s the point of religion if you are practicing it just because you are afraid of punishment? I got to know some Malays who wanted to become Christians. There were threatened by their family and the religious body. Since it’s against the law to do so, they had to migrate to another country. They can’t even come back to Malaysia anymore. Try google these words Malay Christians and you’ll find lots of comments and information.Thanks for replying, and thanks for your willingness to listen to my views. [I posted my comment just now but it failed. Had to type everything again. Hope this time it's working...]

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