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Life Support for Obamacare

October 15, 2011

In Nancy Pelosi’s words, ‘we had to pass it to see what’s in it’.  No, we knew along along what was in it, and worse yet, we knew it was designed to fail.  One of the key pieces of the legislation was just killed by the administration themselves as they discovered that there was no way to actually implement it.  Apparently, the COTUS (Calculator Of The United States) has returned from the repair shop just in time to save the US from this costly blunder.

Now we have a huge problem; a big piece of the anticipated savings in the original bill came from the bogus figures used from this program.  Fraudulent figures were used so that the claim could be made that the legislation actually saved the country money; this was the big selling point.  This fraud now leaves an $86 Billion hole in budget calculations.  Oops!

Read the story.

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