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La Amenaza Irani

December 11, 2011

That is the title of the documentary produced by Univision Network.  Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit had the story on his site, but I wanted to see how Univision itself was promoting the documentary.  Here is the link to Univision Network’s press release.

If you were having trouble with the translation of the title, it means “The Iranian Threat”.

We have not watched the documentary ourselves, but have viewed clips and trailers for the film; I look forward to seeing a re-broadcast of the entire film as soon as possible.  It is outstanding that Univision had the courage to investigate and report on such an important threat to Mexico, South America, and the United States.  I find it appalling that our major networks lack the courage to do similar reporting.  I wonder if that is out of political correctness, organizational agendas, or fear of reprisals from terror groups.

This is not a new threat, but the knowledge of it is finally gaining traction and acceptance in our country, and obviously in Mexico also.  The reality is that this is a threat to the entire continent and not just our country; this threat has to be dealt with on a continental basis if the battle is ever to be won. Part of the battle is public awareness and acceptance of the threat so that the public understands and supports the actions of the government.

I said that this was not new information; I was learning about it prior to the last Presidential election from people who were frustrated that no one was listening to the obvious evidence.  But courage is finally trumping politics as more people are willing to put themselves on the line and bring this topic to the forefront of discussion.  The days of being called a crackpot or conspiracy theorist are over finally, as the evidence is now being accepted and acted upon at all levels of government.  It is time now for our media to deal with their fears and present the information that Univision led the way with.

So what is the threat you ask?

  • Iranian backed terror groups have infiltrated South America, Central America, Mexico, the United States, and Canada.
  • The cartels have been co-opted to facilitate the transfer of fighters and weapons into our country.
  • Leaders like Hugo Chavez have actively supported and facilitated these actions.
  • The government of Mexico is overwhelmed and needs our assistance to save their country while simultaneously protecting our own.
  • We have let a ruthless fighting force and their weapons enter our country while our politicians debated civil rights for illegal immigrants.
  • These fighters are ready to respond domestically at the point in time when we are forced into actions against Iran and its allies on a global scale.
  • And the biggest threat of all is that our country is just now awakening to the realities of the world.

Here is one reaction that you will see in the very near future: as more information is released to the public about the realities of these threats, a very vocal push-back will begin in the media from activist groups, CAIR, media apologists, and fringe groups from the Left.  Watch the information being released along with the push-back that will immediately surface; then look at those alliances and remember what they have been telling you for the past few years.  I think you know where I am going here; groups with agendas have worked hard to keep this from you until the damage was done.


by Jack Woodward 12/11/11



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