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Chicago Pride

January 20, 2012

Every city takes pride in significant achievements that help define their community; for Chicago, going 24 hrs without a murder is a milestone that requires a celebration.  This milestone was so impressive that a news conference was necessary to share the pride as you can read here.

I guess the police are pushing the murder trend in the right direction, and that should be celebrated.  You have to wonder though, why does a city with one of the toughest set of gun control laws have such a problem with shootings and murders?  Could it possibly be that when you pass laws that restrict gun ownership, the only guns left are in the hands of those who ignore the laws anyway?  Something is wrong with the Chicago experiment it appears.

Here is a social experiment for Chicago to try since it really cannot get any worse for the citizens: authorize conceal carry permits for law-abiding citizens and encourage handgun ownership in the homes of responsible citizens.  Next, hold a news conference to celebrate every time  a gun owner kills a gang member or felon in self defense.  Our guess is that within a year, Chicago will be celebrating 48 hour periods without a murder.  What a proving ground Chicago could be.  We already have good statistics on what happens when you pass highly restrictive gun laws; lets see how those statistics change when the playing field is leveled for the law abiding citizen.

Sadly, our little experiment would never be considered in a city like Chicago.  Instead, they will probably turn to a plan closer to the one proposed by the mayor of Newark,NJ.  Oh well, enjoy your moment of pride Chicago.

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