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Cougars Banned

January 20, 2012

Only in the hyper-sensitive and politically correct United States could a story like this exist.  Students of a new high school in Utah voted for the school’s mascot to be a Cougar; a mascot used by hundreds of schools throughout the country.  The principal and school board know better though;  the word Cougar is offensive to women and cannot be allowed to identify the school.  WTF?  It appears that the very first lesson this high school will teach its students is how to succumb and cower when faced with imaginary threats and offenses.

The principal, in her infinite wisdom, chose Charger instead; even though the name garnered far less votes from the future students.  I know the name Charger is from a currently popular movie and the name of the San Diego’s NFL team, but to be consistent, we need to see who might be offended by the name.  After a quick review of current circumstances, I cannot believe that the principal and school district could be this insensitive.  Tens of thousands of American citizens are suffering from the ravages of high credit card balances.  The spending decisions that were made, and will be reminded of their mistakes every time they hear about the exploits of the school’s sports teams.

We must save these Chargers from the insensitivity of the school board in their wanton and reckless offenses to this group of Americans.  Please join me in petitioning the school board to abandon their attempt to demonize this segment of our society. Together we can solve this problem and save our fellow citizens from this scourge.

Here is our politically incorrect message to the principal: GET A LIFE!

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