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Earn $1,000 Cash, Turn In Your Neighbor

January 12, 2012

Growing up, one of my mother’s favorite sayings was “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  I understand the wisdom of these words more each day; thanks mom.

Part of what she was describing can also be referred to as the law of unintended consequences.  The mayor of Newark, New Jersey, as seen in this video, has good intentions I am sure.  He just wants senseless shootings to stop in his city; a worthy intention.  But, in order to accomplish this, he is willing to pit neighbor against neighbor in his quest to get guns off of the street.  Call the tip line, tell of someone with a carried handgun, and earn a thousand dollars cash if the police can verify your information and they confiscate the gun.

Buried in a short sentence is the clarification that it must be an illegally owned gun; a minor detail that will be ignored as people scramble to turn in their neighbors so they can earn a quick buck.  Let’s skip through to the end to see how this will play out, shall we?  A tip is called in, police respond to the homes of the suspected villains, a search is made and the results are documented and archived for future use.  The City will have a detailed listing of law abiding citizens with guns, and the murder rate will remain the same within city limits.

Citizens, in their greed for the cash, will be used to develop lists of gun owners who are adhering to the words of the Second Amendment.  This tactic has been used successfully in the past by countries that fell prey to dictators if you care to do some research.  For 30 pieces of silver, citizens will gladly remove the one right that helps guarantee all of the others.

Good intentions Mayor, but find another way to solve your problems without enticing citizens to turn on each other for cash. Your good intentions will put too many law abiding citizens through hell, while trying to catch those who belong there.

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One Response to Earn $1,000 Cash, Turn In Your Neighbor

  1. Noer on March 7, 2012 at 4:41 am

    When will you Americans stop using UK gun laws as propaganda to sfutijy your second amendment rights? You clearly know nothing about the History of UK gun laws or even try to understand UK public opinion on the subject. Gun owners in the UK, like me, never have and never will own firearms for the purpose of self defence we just don’t need to. Also, to say that UK gun laws (as stupid as they are) have led to an increase of black market guns, defenceless law abiding citizens and preventable murder is just plain bull! There always has and always will be a market for black-market guns, the vast majority of law abiding citizens didn’t own or even want guns before the bans and most likely don’t care or actually agree with them. Public opinion in the UK is anti-gun and unfortunately the Gov’nt agrees with them, get over it, not everyone s obsessed as you guys.

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