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Trainwreck In Motion

January 9, 2012

We are watching a slow motion train-wreck as the State of California ponders the fate of the Bullet Train project designed to take passengers from Los Angeles to San Franciso.  Dan Walters writes about the latest budgets and business plans in the Sacramento Bee.

Depending on the projections you read, the projected cost has doubled or even tripled since the project’s approval; and, based on past performances of transportation projects in this state, we can assume that the revised budgets will also be wrong.  The Federal government has promised a small piece of the funding, but the rest will come from the taxpayers of a state that is nearly bankrupt. Even the LA Times questions the validity of a project that has no chance of ever succeeding.

This project only makes sense in the minds of corrupt politicians that are intent on pushing an agenda and not solving problems.  Even if the costs of development could be properly estimated and controlled, there is no way for this train to ever be successful in operation.  Even with enormous subsidizing of fares, the price for a round trip ticket between the two cities will exceed the cost of a plane ticket, and the trip will take 3 times as long to complete; we know who will subsidize the cost, but who is going to ride?

This is about agendas, power, corruption, and cash, and is irresponsible at best.  In reality, this is and will continue to be the most fraudulent scheme ever devised in Sacramento.  California is headed off a cliff at the speed of a bullet; please don’t follow.

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