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Another Sacrificial Lamb?

March 27, 2012

Is America once again offering up a sacrificial lamb to appease the race gods?  Just an observation my friends, but it appears that once again there is national outrage over a situation where the truth is not known.  The nation has been directed to hate a Hispanic man for murdering an innocent Black teen in a fit of rage and racial hate.

Is this what really happened?  I have no clue to the actual truth of the matter, and neither do the people who are ready to publicly lynch George Zimmerman for his crime.  He has been tried and found guilty in the court of public opinion; not the way things are supposed to work in our post-racial society.

George Zimmerman judged guilty by media already

To make matters worse, everyone from politicians to clergy have already accepted the ‘facts’ presented by the media and leaders of the Black community, and have condemned George Zimmerman for his hate and his crime.  The country stands ready to offer him up as a sacrifice to appease Reverends Sharpton and Jackson, and members of the New Black Panthers.

I am not sure about the rest of the country, but I refuse to condemn a man based upon incomplete information that has been purposely skewed to fit one particular scenario.  Too many contrary reports are now emerging that cast some doubt as to the actual circumstances of this event.

We just went through this a few years ago for those in the country with short attention spans; does Duke Lacrosse ring a bell?  The circus atmosphere that was exhibited in that case is being repeated as we speak.  The lives of  many were ruined by accusations that ended up as both false and fabricated.  Are we repeating that mistake now?

Here is all that we really know at this point: a young man was shot and has died, an older man did the shooting, and the families of both men have been tragically altered forever.  The vigilante capture of George Zimmerman to earn a $10,000 bounty will not correct this situation.  The only correct path is to let authorities investigate the shooting and then charge and convict him if he is guilty of a crime.

It is shameful for the country to accept the actions that are now occurring and are being spurred on by the media, activist groups, and politicians that do not have a clue as to the facts of the event.  I do not carry any guilt for the past actions of others, and therefore am not ready to pass judgement just to assuage  that guilt; but it appears that many in the country are ready to do just that.

I offer my prayers for all that have been affected by this tragic event, but I include a prayer also for a country that can so easily be swayed by reporting based on emotions and agendas before the truth is known.

by Jack Woodward  3/27/12

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5 Responses to Another Sacrificial Lamb?

  1. andie on May 22, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    it is or does, etc. If you can’t read between the lines of what I’m tanilkg about, it boils down to whenever the other person(s) are up against a Black person(mostly males,but some females), the cop . the Prosecutor , and the Judges (white ones of course) automatically thinks .I mean down right their first thought(from the heart) is the Black person has to be in the wrong .that thought pattern is so high( my opinion=90-95%) from those whites(in charge of whatever) at any little or big crime or non-crime(when the races include a Black person) .must be the .F A U L T of the Black person involved(dead or alive), sad to say(May Travon R.I.P.). another sad thing about this and how true this is and happens much..much to often, I am living proof..automatically they beleived a regrettable white date of mine some years ago and you wouldn’t believe because they believed her lies, how much has been taken away from me!? Over a Lie, by a white person, saying that lie first to the cops and then to the Judge. Also you ever notice how many whites really think God isn’t watching them too, some of the so-called Christian ones will actually say . I know I’m getting into Heaven(despite pointing out to them that even a lie is a sin), you wouldn’t believe how many white Christians feel they will automatically get into Heaven!!! I sure hope they’re not basing that on the color of their skin, because many are(feeling that way). So Sad. p.s.,sorry about the spelling errors,for whatever reason, the cursor wouldn’t let me go to other lines for corrections.

  2. Henrietta on June 28, 2013 at 8:23 am

    Sorry Andy for the injustice you suffered dont worry she will face the Lord when he checks off the 10 commandments to bear false witness. As far as Travon Martin I know trachers that knew him and he was a bad kid a kid who was a bully and looking for trouble. He shouldve been safely at home in school with his mom but she sent him to his father because she couldnt control him. Teenage. Boys black or white can be difficult for a single mom. Trayvon martin used mma style punched him in the nose banged his head on sidewalk the evidence is there. George shoudnt have started to pursue him bc he admitted he was bit then stopped. I think trayvon fooled him he was goin one way turn quick and came from behind the evidence shows these things. George is a coward cowards act out of fear and he wouldn’t have started it except for watching him til cops got there. Hes not tough and he knows it. He is a coward and thats why he was carrying a fun but he didnt mean to kill him but he had to defend himself. He should be aquitted but I dont think he should have a gun even though Im for gun rights. I dont think hes racist and Im pissed he is considered white everyone is sooo bent on making whites pay and hungry for a sacrifical lamb salivating for it sooo much they fail to see HE IS A MINORITY! And most crimes on Blacks are from blacks nd right now in this country there are many many many black mob violence by black teens and young black men and theyre targetin whites for this idea. Theyre being held down its BS get a job and education prove yourself and do what some white men are blamed for bc they work hard so do some blacks its finding opportunities im tired of lazy people having excuses black or white. ZIMMERMAN IS A MINORITY AND my family was not in this country when there was slavery why am I being held responsible for it? Im tired of the white guilt and blacks are always right when they scream racisit its like gettin old…… Im also disappointed that alot of blacks have lost there love of Jesus to materialism they were once very religious… Im also tired of liberal whites too so dont worry im and equal opportunity disliker LOL. Hope the Lord has made something good come from the injustice you sufferred all my sufferings seems God rewards me on some way even the horrible suffering ive endured i wont ghet into. God Bless Andie

    • Henrietta on June 28, 2013 at 8:26 am

      Their love of Jesus

  3. Henrietta on June 28, 2013 at 8:36 am

    I do feel bad for Trayvons mother but I think she was negligent as a parent and shouldve had him in a rehab he needed help learning to follow the rules and stop the MMA fighting. The parents shouldve been lookin at his website and saw he needed serious help. It doesnt help their pain and my heart goes out to them but bearing false witness they failed their spiritual test because theyre bearing false witness out of anger and avoiding looking at the fact they were negligent parents. Making someone be held responsible doesnt change the reality

  4. Henrietta on June 28, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Oh meant to say Trayvons parents know thats not Trayvons voice calling for help theyre not being honest which is bearing false witness

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