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Harry Reid, Where Are You

April 10, 2012

Last week, I wrote an article titled “Is It A Religion“.  While the article started as an examination of the anti-Mormon comments made by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSMBC, the article went on to introduce a serious question about Islam in America.

In his Last Word segment, O’Donnell denigrated the Mormon faith as a way to attack Mitt Romney for believing in a made up religion.  I had a point that I wanted to make based upon O’Donnell’s words, so I did not explore in great detail how offensive his comment would be to Mormons.  I was positive that his words would create an uproar that I did not have to participate in.

Back to Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, and a prominent Mormon; where are you Mr. Reid?  I would have expected a Mormon with such high standing in Congress and the Nation to drop whatever he was doing, rush to a camera, and then launch himself into a blistering attack on MSNBC for O’Donnell’s ridicule of his religion.  I fully expected Senator Reid to call for the firing of O’Donnell, or at least demand a public apology for the transgression.

Oh, how naive I am.  I guess I expected the leader of the US Senate to act with some consistency in his actions.  Certainly the good Senator would already have submitted a resolution of condemnation if Rush Limbaugh had used the same words describing the religious beliefs of any Democrat.  Is the Senator ashamed of his religion and unwilling to publicly defend it, or does his devotion to the religion of Liberalism trump his Mormon beliefs?

Mr. Reid, your unwillingness to castigate MSNBC is quite telling about your character.  Your willingness to place your political ideology above your faith should be an indicator of your ability to lead.  Are you so willing to throw your religion and all of the faithful Mormons in America under the bus just because it may advance your party’s chances in November?

The lack of principles you exhibit is indicative of the moral decay that has crept across our country.  Take a stand Senator and propose a resolution condemning both O’Donnell and MSNBC in an effort to set a new tone in politics.  If you don’t have the courage for such a stand, then please take a seat and let someone else lead.

(Note: It is possible that Senator Reid has made a public statement that we are not aware of.  If that is the case, an apology will be issued immediately.)

by Jack Woodward  4/10/12

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