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One For The Road

April 26, 2012

Our tag line says ‘For Your Daily Dose Of Absurdities’, and our blog has WTF in the title.  So, in keeping with that general theme, we bring you the ultimate WTF? story out of Egypt.  A quick disclaimer first: read at your own risk due to subject matter.

According to this story in Al Arabiya News, women in Egypt are protesting several laws due to be voted upon by Parliament.  One of the laws would allow a husband to have sex with his wife up to six hours after her death.  In Egypt the law is referred to as the ‘Farewell Intercourse’ law, but we decided to Americanize the term and call it the ‘One For The Road’ law.

The other law is slightly less shocking as it proposes that the minimum age for a girl to be married be lowered to 14.  These are not the only women’s rights issues being protested; just the most egregious.

We will let you form your own opinion about these two laws in Egypt, but the fact that they are even being proposed gives a little perspective to the ‘War on Women’ controversy that has been fabricated here.  Just thinking out loud here my friends; in comparison to most Middle Eastern countries, women in America are treated like goddesses.

The next time you hear Sandra Fluke complaining that she is being forced to pay for her own birth control pills while attending a Catholic university, you might want to think about the women in Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and a host of other countries before you develop too much sympathy for Ms. Fluke and her female classmates.

Thank you Egypt for lending some perspective to our political discourse in America.

by Jack Woodward  4/26/12

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