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That Giant Sucking Sound

June 26, 2012

Let’s turn the clock back 20 years and relive the words of Ross Perot as he describes the “giant sucking sound“.  At the time, Mr Perot was warning us about the sound we would hear as jobs were sucked overseas due to one-way trade agreements and hostile business environments in the US.

We are hearing a different giant sucking sound now; the sound of the United States and Nato being sucked into a conflict in Syria and the entire Middle East.  Can you hear it?

If you are only focused on the news of the day you may not hear it, but it’s there.  Week by week, we are being manipulated into a conflict that can only be won at a cost too great to imagine.  Open your eyes, and then listen to the sound of our country being sucked into a World War.  Don’t just look at the news of the day, but project where today’s events are taking us; if you can do this, you will hear the sound.

What leads me to this conclusion you may ask?  Here are a few recent stories and events that point the way:

  • Russia supplying Syria with arms while making hostile jesters towards Nato
  • New Islamist president of Egypt wanting to ‘review’ peace treaty with Israel while coordinating with Iran to achieve ‘balance’ in the region
  • The regional stability provided by Mubarak lost
  • Israel under attack from the Sinai and Gaza
  • Internal strife within Israel
  • Civil war being fomented in Iraq between Sunni and Shiite tribes
  • Syrian civil war spreading into Hezbollah controlled Lebanon
  • Iran pushing it’s nuclear weapon program
  • Relationship with Pakistan deteriorating weekly.  Remember, we need a way out of Afghanistan when the time comes.
  • Iran, Syria, China and Russia announcing participation in joint war games.
  • Syrian violence spreading into southern Turkey
  • Manipulation of worldwide emotions as images of brutality in Syria are propagated.
  • Entire North African region in turmoil as Islamists push for control, country by country; religious persecution and slaughters becoming a daily occurrence.

A strange coincidence that an entire region of the world is experiencing civil wars and turmoil at the same time.  Almost like it is coordinated, and not a coincidence.  Pull out a map of the regions involved and things become a little more clear.

There is no coincidence here, and nothing is happening by accident.  Ever since the spark in Tunisia that gave rise to the ‘Arab Spring’, there has been a coordinated effort to capitalize on the event.  A plan, long in its development, has been implemented while the world mistakenly cheered the spread of democracy.

The final piece of evidence before you is the downing of a Turkish jet, resulting in Turkey rushing to NATO for their involvement.  Can you hear the sucking sound getting louder?

Not withstanding the involvement of Russia and China, many would argue that we are just witnessing fighting between tribal factions of Islam that have been at war with each other for centuries.  This is regional, this is tribal, and it will pass.  This argument may seem valid on the surface until you look at the commonality of the ideology that binds the groups.

All that is missing is the action that will unite followers of the ideology; war with a common enemy.  As the United States and NATO are sucked into the crisis in Syria, warring factions within Islam will unite.  That is the end game for the actions coordinated by Iran; a world war that will unite Islamic countries, destroy Israel, and permanently weaken the United States and its allies.

Russia and China are involved to participate in the spoils of war if successful; increased international power and influence.  They will have to deal with a united Islamic Caliphate later, but I imagine that eventuality has been calculated into their current actions and decisions.

The giant sucking sound I hear is our country being pulled into a war designed by Iran and its partners; I pray that those who matter hear it also.  This war may have to be fought at some point, but let’s fight it on our own terms so that we prevail.

by Jack Woodward  6/26/12

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