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Islamic Winter Of Our Discontent

November 25, 2012


A simple twist to the words of William Shakespeare would accurately describe the state of affairs in not only Egypt, but across much of the world.  If he was alive today, Shakespeare may pen his words as follows: “Now is the Islamic Winter of our discontent.  Muslims recognize that the future of their world is darkening under the oppression of Islamist rule, but they rejoice in the fact that Muslims are firmly in control as commanded in the Qur’an.

The Arab Spring has darkened into the Islamic Winter

The much heralded Arab Spring was misunderstood from the beginning by optimistic observers.  While the world wished hard for freedom and democracy for the citizens in affected countries, the reality is that some dreams are not meant to come true.  This is the bittersweet reality we are now witnessing.

The term Arab Winter has been used to help define the transition the world has witnessed over the last 18 plus months, but the term Arab is much too limiting to accurately describe this devolution.  The Islamic Winter, or to some, Islamist Winter, better defines the transition as widespread countries fall under control of fundamentalist Islamic rule.

The brief glimmer of freedom and liberty was but a tease of what could have been.  Millions saw a new way of life within their reach, only to watch it be snatched away to fulfill a centuries old prophesy.  Millions were torn between the quest for freedom and the indoctrination that prevented its possibility.

The Islamic Winter is a new Caliphate

The Spring was much too brief as the citizens of Egypt are now learning and the realities of the Islamic Winter are becoming understood.  Sadly, throughout much of the world, the seasons may never change again.  Welcome to the new Islamic Caliphate.

The transition is not complete yet as countries resist the oppressive rule that is overtaking them, for most countries in the region though, resistance is only delaying the inevitable.  History is repeating itself in full view of the world and those who understand this fact, understand the consequences.  Those who choose to ignore history ridicule the concept of a Caliphate, even as it unfolds in front of them.

Where will the lines be drawn this time?  How far down the continent of Africa will it spread?  Will Europe be fully engulfed this time?  Where will the westward spread be halted?  Will Israel and Rome find themselves completely surrounded by Islamists planning their destruction?

These are fair questions to ask once you take a look at current trends, apply historical lessons and written goals, and then project where the trends will lead.

Where will the world draw the line?

Islamists have set their goal as a Caliphate that will dominate Northern Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, Central Europe and Europe as its base for global expansion and control.  Where will the world draw the line?  If you understand where current events are taking us, that is the only question that needs to be answered.

Will we write off the African continent as too distant?  How about Europe, not important to us anymore?  South America?  Where will the line be drawn?  At some point in time, the question must be asked, and then answered.  Once answered, are we willing to defend the decision?

The Islamic Winter, the new Islamic Caliphate, has destined that hundreds of millions will continue to live their lives without the possibility of the freedoms promised by the Arab Spring.  For many countries there is no turning back the clock and their destiny is sealed.

The world will have to address the question of where to draw the line at some point in the future; why not now?

by Jack Woodward  11/25/12

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