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When PC and MC Collide

May 22, 2013

5b731143-6874-4761-9066-17d33986b333-smallPC, Political Correctness, and MC, Multiculturalism, are on a collision course throughout Europe.  “Gangs of youths” are once again rioting and torching cars and neighborhoods, this time in Stockholm, Sweden.  The first time I read this story it was from the Associated Press.

I immediately expected that the “gangs of youths” were Muslim immigrants, but the AP is just too politically correct to say those words it seems.  To get a better flavor for the real conflict I had to turn to RT (Russian Times), and surprisingly enough, the BBC.  It appears that the youths in question were immigrants from Turkey, the Middle East, and Somalia.

Multiculturalism is a self inflicted wound in Europe that is now festering.  Shortsighted solutions to economic woes have left Europe with a nearly unsolvable problem as immigrant populations soar along with the associated problems of unemployment and violence.  Soon to be forgotten in this process is the original culture of each country that is diminished with each generation.

Reversing Multiculturalism impossible in PC environment

Europe has discovered their mistake too late and the push-back has begun.  However, as country after country has discovered, reversing the multiculturalism trend is next to impossible and is exacerbated by political correctness.  The press and politicians are reluctant to discuss the problem openly and directly with the people due to the fear of hurting feelings, losing votes, or inciting more violence.

In an environment where you have to use codewords like “gangs of youths” to describe rioting Muslim immigrants, or “Asian immigrants” to describe Pakistani men guilty of rape, it is impossible to move a conversation forward and solve problems.  And, as politicians cower before a growing immigrant population refusing to assimilate, the problems compound.

The only chance that Europe has to reverse the process is very candid discussions about immigration from Muslim countries.  With few exceptions though, the example that has been set is the persecution of anyone willing to stand and speak.  We only have to look at the treatment of Geert Wilders to see how well Europe receives outspoken critics of multiculturalism.

Political correctness is already bolstering efforts to silence critics like Wilders with resolutions at the UN that criminalize the defamation of religions, resolutions designed specifically to protect Islam from scrutiny and discussion.  When presenting accurate quotations from the Qur’an becomes a prosecutable offense because the quote reflects poorly on Islam, then political correctness has won and there will be no defense against the ravages of multiculturalism.

Relevance to America

If you listen closely America, Europe is crying out with a warning; DO NOT REPEAT OUR MISTAKES!  In one of his rambling speeches, Qaddafi, Libya’s  ex ruler, explains how Muslims will eventually take over Europe;  Europe now sees how this prophecy is playing out and knows that their time is short unless they change course.  Unfortunately, fear and political correctness will keep them from enacting the required changes soon enough.

The same fear and submission to political correctness is taking place within our country.  Even in the aftermath of recent terror attacks, the majority of our media and politicians refuse to put a name to that which is killing us; Islamic terror.

America will not be spared the conflicts that multiculturalism has brought to Europe if we close our eyes and bury our heads in the sands of political correctness.  The saving grace for the country may be the experiences and qualifications of my friend “Task” that I introduced this week, and his willingness to start a national discussion that will both transcend politics and be void of political correctness.

PC and MC are colliding in Europe, let’s make sure we learn from the event and prevent the carnage here.

by Jack Woodward  5/22/13



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2 Responses to When PC and MC Collide

  1. Don on May 22, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    When Muslims speak of peace, it is not what westerners understand as peace. Islamic peace only lasts as long as the Muslim believes they are weaker than the non-Muslim. As soon as they believe themselves stronger, they resume jihad. Perhaps that is what is going on in Europe? Read the Qur’an and be enlightened about your enemy. It’s really scarey stuff.

    • editor on May 22, 2013 at 1:56 pm

      In the immortal words of comedian Bill Maher, and I quote: “We’re the religion of peace and if you don’t believe us we’ll cut your f***ing head off”. His quote should give some perspective to the beheading of a soldier on the streets near London today by a local jihadist.

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