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Duck Dynasty Saves America

June 28, 2013

America needs saving from itself and the good folks at Duck Dynasty seem to be the only effective messengers of the path forward.  For a show that has nothing to do with politics, Duck Dynasty is providing the hope and change Americans have been searching for.

In today’s politically correct world where morality is fluid at best, and the mere mention of God can send shock-waves across social media, these simple people examining life’s issues with God and family as the focus, are having an impact.  Who would have thought that a show about long-bearded rednecks would make family values cool again?

Duck Dynasty is a simple message

Duck Dynasty has such a simple message and is filling a gaping void in our country which explains their growing ratings and impact.  God, family, morals, forgiveness, personal responsibility and consequences of actions, and self reliance.  What could be more simple, and yet so far reaching?

When the day is over, the family gathers and reflects upon the activities of the day and puts life in perspective.  Over a meal shared together, they acknowledge what made the day worth living, and who is deserving of thanks.

I know it is just a reality show, but the message is so refreshing and stands in such stark contrast to the trash that is foisted upon our country in the guise of entertainment.  Each episode reinforces the underlying message of God and family, and as each week passes, more viewers in the country tune in to see what their friends are watching.

A message for America

The messages contained in this simple show, about simple people, are a counter to all of the negative messages presented daily in America.  While the importance of the traditional family unit is demonized, while God is removed from all public references, while beneficial institutions like Scouting are purposely weakened, and while dependence on government instead of self and family is championed, the rednecks of Duck Dynasty are showing the way to regain the moral compass for the country.

Thanks to Phil and all of his family for showing America that God and family values can be cool again.  If America survives its challenges, these simple rednecks can take some of the credit for doing what many have tried.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

by Jack Woodward  6/28/13

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